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Outdoor Letters


Outdoor Letters

Written by Ryan Kivimagi of www.signfactory.com Electrical Engineer - Entreprenuer

So you've decided to build yourself a sign. Is your sign for your home, your neighborhood, your subdivision, or your business?

Use this article to determine what is best for your sign!

There are 3 types of materials used for outdoor letters; wood, plastic, metal. They range in price from our do it yourself wood letters, all the way up to our stainless steel metal letters. There is a price point everywhere in between for your sign, and your budget.

MDO outdoor wood letters are a do it yourself solution to your signage needs. They come unfinished with a primed face, and will last several years when properly sealed, and maintained.

PVC plastic letters come finished in white and black, and will last indefinitely outdoors.

Acrylic letters are guaranteed for life and come in a full rainbow of colors, and mounting options.

Aluminum letters are the most popular metal letter due to their lite weight, and low cost. They are available in a rainbow of painted colors, as well as anodized colors.