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Letter Sizing

Letter sizing is an important topic, and a sometimes difficult issue to understand.  We've implemented a sizing policy that most closely reflects industry standard practice.  This allows you to match letters you've ordered from other suppliers that use the industry standard practice, and be confident you will get the correct size.  In addition, it allows us to more closely match orders you will be placing in the future, to orders you've placed in the past.

We size our letters based on the capital letter A in the font you chose.  The remainder of the letters are in proportion to the capital letter, based on the font you've chosen.  Some letters may in fact be larger than the A, as certain letters hang below the baseline, and some above the top of the A.  


In this example the S hangs slightly above, and below the A, as it is a round letter.  This is by design so the eye isn't tricked into believing the letter is actually smaller than it is.  You can also see the g hangs below the baseline, so if you are trying to fit these into a certain space, you will need to account for more space than the ordered height of the lettering.


This is our default method for sizing the letters, but we can size them how you want them. Please contact us via live chat, email, or phone to clarify your sizing requirements.

If you are matching letters from a previous order, we need to know this ahead of time, so we can accurately size the letters.

We do not replace, or give refunds, for letters that we've sized correctly. Please ask questions about this policy before ordering if you have concerns.