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Promote Your Brand

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Branding is important, everyone knows that, but how can you do that affordably?  It is important to get a good return on your investment when trying to brand your product.  Signs and Letters can help you do this, for a very small cost.

Sign Factory has partnered with national distributors of portable sheds, and barns, to create a letter for their products.  Each of their products comes with their brand letter, helping to distinguish their product from the others.

If you make a high quality product, brand it, and set yourself out from the competition. 

Sign Factory can help you do this in any of our custom sign products, primarily our PVC Letters.

MDF Letters & Numbers

We didn't invent MDF and we probably weren't the first company to start selling them online.  We were however the first company to provide MDF letters at affordable prices. Through the introduction of high speed computer controlled routers, we were able to reduce the cost of the finished product. MDF Letters & Numbers are available in [...]

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Indoor Letters

Lettering is everywhere because it is important.  Lettering gives us direction to our appointments, provides a path to lunch, and sometimes it just entertains us.  We love letters, fonts, and the materials that we make letters from.  We love the technology that allows us to create precise laser cut letters, and router cut letters.  In [...]

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Outdoor Sign Letters

We've been manufacturing outdoor sign letters for over a decade, and we have a number of choices for your next sign project.  The choices range from low cost MDO Outdoor Sign Letters, to Aluminum Outdoor Sign Letters.  With MDO letters you will have the opportunity to seal and paint the letters to your specifications.  MDO letters can [...]

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Exterior Letters

Exterior Letters Written by Ryan Kivimagi of www.signfactory.com Electrical Engineer - Entreprenuer Exterior letters come in wood, plastic, and metal. Our exterior grade plastics consist of PVC letters & Numbers, and Acrylic letters & numbers. Metal is an excellent choice for exterior lettering, and it comes in the widest variety of materials, and finishes. Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, and [...]

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House Numbers

House Numbers Written by Ryan Kivimagi of www.signfactory.com - Electrical Engineer - Entreprenuer Whether you want metal, plastic, or wood we have your house number needs covered. We have high end metal letters, all the way down to our do it yourself solution, MDO Outdoor Wood Numbers. We can customize any of these projects in your unique font, or shape, [...]

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Wooden Letters

Wooden Letters Written by Ryan Kivimagi of www.signfactory.com  [Electrical Engineer - Entreprenuer] Sign Factory specializes in wooden letters, and have several different types of wood to choose from. Primarily we deal with sheet goods, plywoods, such as red oak, cherry, maple, baltic birch, and also our outdoor wooden letters. We cut all of our wooden letters with high [...]

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Cardboard Letters

Cardboard Letters Written by Ryan Kivimagi of www.signfactory.com Electrical Engineer - Entreprenuer We brought cardboard letters to the market prior to 2007 as an affordable, lite weight, solution for birthday parties, and holiday events. Cardboard letters can be made with holes in the tops to allow for easy stringing with fishing line. Cardboard cutouts are available in all shapes, [...]

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Outdoor Letters

Outdoor Letters Written by Ryan Kivimagi of www.signfactory.com Electrical Engineer - Entreprenuer So you've decided to build yourself a sign. Is your sign for your home, your neighborhood, your subdivision, or your business? Use this article to determine what is best for your sign! There are 3 types of materials used for outdoor letters; wood, plastic, metal. They range in price from our [...]

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Mirror Letters

Mirror Letters Written by Ryan Kivimagi of www.signfactory.com Electrical Engineer - Entreprenuer Mirror letters are made from 1/8" thick acrylic sheets. The sheets contain a reflective layer of film offering a mirror like finish. These mirror letters are popular for wedding events, hair salons, and so many more applications. Laser cut, these mirror letters come in any font, and can be made [...]

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